How To Make The Perfect Macchiato With a Dollop

How to Make the Perfect Macchiato — Part II

You have just landed in Florence, Italy. You couldn’t sleep on the plane and the local time is 9 AM. Your eyelids struggle to stay open as you try to hunt down your luggage at the baggage claim. The Starbucks mermaid is beckoning you to drink a “venti caramel macchiato” and you succumb to her lures.

You take a sip of your “macchiato”. It’s delicious. The creaminess, the caramel drizzle, the slight notes of “espresso” all come together and you chase down your bags with this newfound energy.

It’s 2 PM in the afternoon and you’ve settled down at a cozy restaurant...

How to Make the Perfect Macchiato — Part I

How to Make the Perfect Macchiato — Part I

Many people would say that dolloping is how we recognize a macchiato. A macchiato derives from the words, “spotted” or “marked” in Italian. It basically is a drink marked with milk. I believe that the traditional method, the dolloping, is fine…

However, nowadays in third wave coffee shops, you'll see something that looks like a mini-cortado that is also not quite a piccolo or a “mezzo-mezzo” (see blog post #1).

I believe this macchiato form has evolved from a traditional dollop to a more presentable creation of a macchiato.

Of course...

What Exactly Is a Mezzo-Mezzo?

What Exactly Is a Mezzo-Mezzo?

I received an order for a MEZZO-MEZZO at the shop yesterday, and wasn’t quite sure what I was dealing with. It’s been a second since I'd flat-out not recognized a drink order, so I thought I’d do a little digging.  Some basic Googling revealed that there are two drinks making the rounds with the name MEZZO-MEZZO.