Our beans are sourced from The Little Marionette—a Sydney, Australia based boutique roasting outfit owned by three great friends, master baristas, and self-proclaimed coffee nerds, Ed, Kirby and Wes.

Since its Sydney beginnings, The Little Marionette offering has branched out to the UK, and now the US. Little Marionette treasures the simple, though refined Australian ritual of coffee. It is laid back, and without airs and graces. It’s a philosophy centered on creating coffee that people will love, with elements of new and ever so slightly wilder and interesting flavors sewn in.

We are proud to be the first coffee shop in the US to serve these beans. From master Sydney roasters who understand the coffee process from procuring beans to roasting, crafting, and pouring—The Little Marionette’s specialty is in creating a milk-based espresso that is sweeter, with a fuller body. Caramelizing the sugars is the priority, the low acidity that follows is a soothing consequence.

Ed, Kirby, and Wes take their roasting very seriously and will continue to partner with us, imparting the riches of their knowledge, education and training to our team to enable us to extract the full flavor of their exquisitely roasted beans. It’s our commitment to perfection.