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India | Mysore Nuggets | Single Origin Coffee

Say hello to the bold, chocolatey, malty, hazelnut-y, creamy caramel Mysore nuggets (also known as ‘golden nuggets’), the highest grade of Indian washed Arabica coffee.

Cup characteristics: bold chocolate, malt and hazelnut, creamy caramel mouth-feel with notes of peach and toffee.

Coffee was first introduced to India by St Baba Budun, who smuggled 7 cherries from Yemen & planted them in Chikmagalur, home to elephants, tigers and leopards…  and what a saint he is! We had to go to try it for ourselves. We found Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold, the highest grade of Indian washed Arabica coffee, referred to as ‘nuggets’ i.e. golden nuggets! Comprised of a few select estates, this coffee is shade grown under a canopy of Areca Palms covered in leafy pepper vines – this allows for slower maturation and bean ripening, but also a broad range of crops and year-round income for farmers.

Height | 1100– 1200 MASL

Varietal | Selection 795, Selection 9, Selection 6, Catimor and Chandragiri

Process | washed

Crop |  2018 Harvest


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